Dianne has been helping us train our new Golden Doodle, Murphy. It is so amazing how in an hour's time, new behaviors are learned, both by Murphy and by my husband and myself! Dianne loves what she does and it shines through! We eagerly await her visits and the new things she shows us. What I struggled with for 4 months, Dianne accomplishes in an hour! She's the Best as far as we are concerned!!!! Murphy says Woof to that.....
Marcele R.

PS, Murphy & I went to Pet Smart last evening, and he had to walk by my side, because he is too big to fit in a shopping cart any longer. He was so good, it was hard to believe! The other dogs were barking and owners struggling, yet my Murphy walked right along side my cart not even distracted by the others! That deserved a new toy for sure. Thank you Dianne for the tip on the gentle leader...

Our puppy, Gyro, arrived when he was just 9 weeks old. My husband and I were clueless as far as housebreaking rules were concerned. We wanted our puppy to learn behaviors that we would be happy with over the course of his life. We called Dianne to help with simple training techniques for the early stages of his life. From the moment she walked into our home, we knew it was going to work and be a great experience for all of us. She is one of the most friendly, dedicated and caring people we know. Her love for animals and passion for what she does is a true reflection of her work. Gyro responded immediately to her. We practiced everything she taught in between sessions to be sure he would benefit from it. Gyro is almost 1 now and has graduated from two different levels of training. We couldn't be happier with our dog and the way he behaves both inside and outside of our home. We owe so much of that to Dianne. We are so lucky to have found such a wonderful teacher and family friend.
Lauren D.

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