Service and Therapy Dog Training

Service and therapy dogs add so much to the lives of people who are physically or emotionally challenged.

Service dog training

If your dog meets certain criteria, I can train him/her to be a wheelchair assistance dog. I teach dogs of sound and gentle temperament to perform a number of helpful tasks, including but not limited to retrieving, calling for help, opening doors of various kinds, and carrying light supplies. It's remarkable to see the skills that dogs are able to learn to help their physically challenged owners become more independent and mobile. Contact me for more information.

Therapy dog training

If your dog shows sound and gentle temperament, I can train him/her to be a therapy dog. I accept dogs of all breeds. Visitation to senior centers, children's hospitals and assisted living facilities can greatly enhance the lives of those who love the joy and comfort a dog can share. What a rewarding experience for both owner and dog. Contact me to set up a specialized training session.

Autism Spectrum and PTSD Service Dog Training

Service Dogs perform specialized tasks. They differ in criteria from Therapy and Emotional Support Dogs. I will be happy to explain the differences and requirements of this training as well as the programs I offer to help you on your way. Just give me a call at 201-572-9066.

Please note that the outcome of training largely depends upon the owner's willingness and ability to carry out the training protocols given. Owners assume full liability for their dogs' behavior.