Customized Training Packages

Single sessions or packages of 5 sessions are available.

The goal of all dog training is for you, the owner, to become confident and skillful in directing your dog's behavior. Call me, and let's discuss all of the concerns you have about your dog. Together, we'll have fun setting realistic objectives for behavior modification.

Just like people, dogs have different learning styles. Often, these learning styles are breed-specific. For example, hounds are scent-driven and terriers are prey-driven. Even mixed breeds can display unique learning styles. When I meet your dog or puppy, I will assess his or her unique style of learning, and tailor our lessons to get the best possible results.

My beginner program offers obedience basics such as sit, stay, come and heel (walking nicely on lead), as well as outdoor socialization with people and other dogs. If your dog exhibits behavioral issues such as jumping, mouthing, house soiling, destructive or aggressive behaviors, I can help with those, too. All of my methods and protocols are gentle and humane.

Call me at (201) 572-9066, and let's get started. The result will be an enhanced, loving bond between you and your dog.

Please note that the outcome of training largely depends upon the owner's willingness and ability to carry out the training protocols given. Owners assume full liability for their dogs' behavior.